Learn PES 2022 PS2 Skills, Dribbling, and Control Tutorials

Do you really want to become a Pro Evolution Soccer PlayStation 2 expert? Here we’ve provided you the list of full PS2 skills, dribbling, and control tutorials.

eFootball which is formally known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is the popular and best game to play on the PS2 console.

To beat your friends or CPU on Pro Evolution Soccer you need to learn some skills that will help you to become a professional.

Pro Evolution Soccer PS2 Football Skills

PES PS2 Attacking Control

X – Normal passBasic ground pass to a teammate.
 – The shoot buttonThis is a very versatile button. Holding towards the goal as you strike the ball,
will make the ball travel faster and with more accuracy.
 – Through passThis pass should be used when teammates make forward runs in behind the opposition defense.
There is an element of skill required to make this pass effective.
Timing is crucial.
O – High passCrossingChipped pass to a teammate, more liable to interceptions.
R1 – fast dashLess control of the ball but more speed. Only use this when you have a clear path in front of your player.
L1 – Slow dashEven slower than normal speed. This enables your player to turn sharply, hold off opposition players, and dribble better. Good for tight spaces.
L1+X – One – TwoBy pressing L1 and X, your player will pass to a teammate and begin to attempt to run in behind the opposition defense.
L1+△ – Chipped through passUseful when there are a number of defensive opposition players in front of you and threading a normal through pass may be too difficult. As with the normal pass, this also requires good timing.
L1+☐ – a dink chip shotIn which the player will attempt to just dink the ball up and over the goalkeeper. The shot tends to go up more than forward. Bear in mind this shot is best for when you are close in on goal.
L1+O – a direct cross.No matter where on the pitch you are, this command will attempt to put the ball into your opponent’s penalty area. Highly effective for counterattacks.
O+O+O (Tripple O)A cross along the ground at speed. Good for smaller players who are running in behind a tall defense.

PS2 Defending Contol

Xis often referred to as “press“, or “pressing
(marking, putting pressure on the opponent).
Osliding tackle.
X+☐marking with two players.

Best PES PS2 Skills, Dribbling & Cheats

Below is the list of our best PlayStation 2 football cheats that you can learn and become the best PS2 Skills, dribbling, freekicks scorer, and Puskas goal master.

How To Feint PS2 Skills

Feint (Step Over Feint)

  • L ×2
  • R ×3

Feint (Kick Feint)

  •  Guage on X
  • O Guage on X

Feint (Upper body Feint)

  • Dribbling  forward Diagonal Advanced +  Backward Diagonal Advanced + (certain players only.)
  • While holding in a stationary position, press  at 90° to the direction of movement.

Step Over PS2 Controls

Step Over: While Dribbling, hold press + Forward  then press  at 90° to the direction of movement. (Only players with Dribble Accuracy of 80 or above.)

Sideward Step Over: During a sideward dribble, hold (L) then press  at a 90° to the direction of movement. (Only for players with Dribble Accuracy of 75 or above.

Step Over Fake: While holding in a stationary position, press  at a 90° towards the direction of movement  press  toward the opposite direction. (Only for players with Dribble Accuracy of 80 or above.)

How To Drag Ball In PES PS2

Drag ball: Hold then press toward the back of the player  then press  Diagonally forward to the same side as the player’s foot that has the ball.

Drag Back Turn: While holding in a stationary position, press  towards the back of the player  then press  to either side of the player. (Only players with Dribble Accuracy of 80 or above.)

Matthews Feint Skills PlayStation 2

Matthews Feint: While holding in a stationary position press  at a 90° to the direction of the player facing  press  towards the opposite Forward Diagonal. (Only for the players with Dribble Accuracy of 70 or above.)

How To Perform Flip Flap PS2 Skills

Flip Flap (certain Players Only): (If right footed) While dribbling, hold L  then press  to the player’s Foward Right.

Opposite Flip Flap (certain Players Only) (If left footed) while dribbling hold  then press  to the player forward left.

PS2 Skills Special Controls

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