Simple Guide On How To View Hidden Files And Folders In Windows 11 [Use File Explorer]

Right here is the easiest and also fastest method to reveal surprise files and folders on Windows 11.
As you have actually definitely already discovered on Windows 11, among the many new attributes, is a new Documents Manager that includes several functions. Amongst the many modifications made by the new Windows 11 File Supervisor, the procedure to comply with to show concealed data as well as folders additionally modifications. Don’t fret, it’s absolutely nothing difficult. You just require to recognize which tips to adhere to.

So if you also are making use of the new Windows 11 as well as want to know exactly how to see concealed folders or exactly how to watch hidden documents, allow’s not lose time as well as see how to reach your objective in the quickest possible time.

Just How To View Hidden Files And Also Folders In Windows 11

Right here are the very easy steps you require to adhere to:

To start with, open Documents Traveler on your Windows 11 computer.
In Documents Traveler, click the 3 dots in the toolbar (on top of the window).

  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on ” Options “
  • In the folder options, click on the ” View “ tab

Scroll down and enable the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option . This will show all hidden files and folders.

NOTE: in the very same home window you can also pick the alternative to “Conceal safeguarded operating system files” if, along with hidden documents and folders, you additionally intend to show and also see the files shielded by the os. I DO NOT RECOMMEND triggering this feature due to the fact that you take the chance of touching data that are important for the proper performance of Windows.

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Verify every little thing by clicking OK
That’s it: now you will certainly be able to see covert Windows 11 files and also folders promptly and also easily.

You will have the ability to acknowledge this type of file since their folders/ symbols will be semi-transparent and different from the others. Right here is an instance:

Exactly How To Hide Data/ Folders In Windows 11

If your objective is to conceal certain documents or folders on Windows 11 in order to conceal them from prying eyes and also to maintain them secret, follow the actions below

Open Documents Traveler on your PC.
In File Explorer, navigate to the area/ folder of the documents you intend to conceal.
Currently pick the file or folder you want to hide and appropriate click it.
Currently click Quality.
Under the general tab in the Characteristics you will see the” Hidden” checkbox. Select this checkbox, then click Apply.

You will certainly be asked if you want to use the modifications to the folder only or to use the changes to your various other folders, subfolders and documents. Select any kind of choice, after that click OK as well as the folder will be hidden.


As you can clearly see, also in Windows 11 you can see surprise documents and folders, you simply need to understand the steps to adhere to.
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