How To Fix PPSSPP Could Not Load Game Unknown File Type Error

Is your PPSSPP having this issue PPSSPP Could Not Load Game Unknown File Type, You have come to the right place to get the information on how to fix this issue PPSSPP Could Not Load Game Unknown File Type all you have to do is pay attention and follow the tutorial as we have instructed surely you will be fix this issue with the piece of information you got here.

How To Fix PPSSPP Could Not Load Game Unknown File Type Error

Here is a simple way on how you can fix this error

  1. First You need to download this app ZArchiver here or on playstore
  2. Open the app and go the download section
  3. Click on it you will see the game which you have downloaded, if the downloaded file/game is in this format e.g Assassins Creed Bloodline USA PSP-pSyPSP.7z that is .7z format which is while it is showing that error all you will need to do is Extract the file
  4. Click on the file you will see an option Extract Here click on the option, wait for the extraction to finish it can only take a few seconds
  5. When successfully extracted it you will se another file in form of this format .ISO Assassins Creed Bloodline USA PSP-pSyPSP.iso.
  6. Then Go back to Your PPSSPP game and check if the file is there click on it and start playing your game.


Always make sure your game file is on .iso format

If you have any other issues do let us know at the comment section, i promise that you will get a feedback.

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“Unknown file type” Error

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I could not find the thread.

I have an unusual error when using PPSSPP (Gold/Regular) on android.

I can load up games that are in my recent list just fine but when I load a game from the directory (even the ones from the recent list), the emulator gives me an error:

Could not load game. Unknown file type: content://″

Please the note the same game can run if I click it from my recent list. Also the set of error numbers changes every now and then.

– I have checked to make sure the file is an .ISO.
– I tried running a .7z file as well.
– I re-downloaded and unzipped a new ISO.
– I restarted my phone.
– I reinstalled PPSSPP both Gold and Regular.

I uploaded a screenshot of the error.

Hope you can help me figure this out. Thank you.

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