Tekken 3 Apk Download 35 MB/42 MB (All Characters Unlocked) 2022

Tekken 3 APK

A fighting game, Tekken 3 (3) is the third instalment in the Tekken series. Released in arcades in 1997, and on the PlayStation in 1998, the game was a huge success. Tekken 5’s Arcade History mode includes the original arcade version of the game. Playstation Classics brought the game back to life in 2018.

Twenty-three characters are featured in the game, including Jin Kazama, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo and Hwoarang. Tekken Force, a new beat ’em up mode, and Tekken Ball are included in the home edition.

One of the greatest video games of all time, Tekken 3 has been hailed as one of the finest. Tekken 3 is the fifth best-selling PlayStation game in the world, with more than 8 million units sold globally. Tekken Tag Tournament, a non-canon sequel, was released in arcades in 1999 and on the PlayStation 2 in 2000. In 2001 and 2002, Tekken 4 was published in arcades and on the PlayStation 2.

Tekken 3 All  Characters

Tekken 3 APK All Modes

Most of you may have played Tekken 3 on a game shop before and as you may know that game shop offers only Arcade mode to play. But did you know there are many other options tekken 3 provides to play. Now let’s know about them all.

Arcade Mode

The first and the most Important Option of the game. Why important? Because Arcade mode is the key to unlock all other Tekken characters. Play Arcade mod with different different characters and complete, then all new characters would get Unlocked one by one. Arcade mod contains 10 stages among which Ogre comes on last Stage as a boss.

Vs Mode

It’s multiplayer mode of Tekken 3 but you need EPSXE Emulator to play Mutiplayer. That’s also very easy. Download EPSXE Emulator and also Download TEKKEN 3 Rom, then there is a option of playing multiplayer in EPSXE Emulator. Click on that option. Connect your hotspot and wifi on mobiles. Now you can play.

Survival Mode

Fight untill you die. Stages are based on your fighting skills. If you stand longer then there are unlimited fights for you.

Time Attacks & Team Battle mode

Time Attack & Team battle are the same battle mode in which you can choose up to 8 your characters and eight oppone will be chosen by the computer. It’s upon your choice, you can also choose only 2 or 4. The opponents will be equal to you.

Tekken Ball Mode

Tekken ball mode is new mode that is not available on starting. Means to say you have to Unlock it as you unlock other characters. It will get Unlock at the last, just keep playing and completing the arcade mod with various characters. In this mod there is a ball between you and your opponent. You will hit your opponent though that ball.

Tekken Force mod

It’s an adventure Tekken Game. Although all characters will be unlocked with arcade mod but one character still remains locked. The name Dr. Bosconwitch. This character will be unlocked once you complete takken Force mod four times. TEKKEN Force mod contains 4 stages. After completing 4 times you have to fight with Dr. bosconwitch in order to unlock him. If you failed to defeat him then again you have to complete tekken Force mod 4 times.

Tekken 3 Apk 35 MB all Characters Unlocked

21 Characters you will see in the Game. Only six characters from Tekken 2 return: Anna Williams (who is a palette swap of Nina Williams), Heihachi Mishima, Lei Wulong, Paul Phoenix and Yoshimitsu. With her own moveset, voice, and conclusion, Anna is fully playable and different from Nina in the Tekken 3 apk version of the game. Here the all list of Tekken 3 Characters.

  • Jin Kazama:- Jin Kazama is the grandson of Heihachi Mishima and the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama.
  • Paul Phoenix:- “King of the Iron Fist” follows the exploits of Paul, a short-tempered motorcyclist and judo practitioner who frequently enters contests in hopes of winning prize money and proving he’s the world’s best fighter.
  • King:- An orphanage is saved by King II after the first King is killed by Ogre.
  • Anna Williams:- In the beginning, Anna’s moves were similar to those of her older sister Nina, but she has subsequently developed a more unique repertoire. Anna appears in various Tekken media, including films, as a minor villain. The character was well received by critics.
  • Lei Wulong:- Der Hauptaufgabe von Lei ist die Ermittlung der illegalen Aktivitäten der Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation wie der Jagd und des Handels mit geschützten Tieren.
  • Forest Law:- Now he is striving to earn money to support his father, Marshall Law (whom he closely resembles and who he fights like).
  • Mokujin:- Ogre awakens Mokujin, a 2,000-year-old wooden dummy who is able to flip between every other character’s fighting style.
  • Nina Williams:- A Anna’s younger sister, has an unstable and aggressive relationship with her. In addition to Hapkido and Koppojutsu, she is noted for her devastating fighting style.
  • Heihachi Mishima:- This is 9 number fighter in the Tekken 3 Arcade mode. It’s no secret that Heihachi Mishima wants to beat his sons, Kazuya and Jin, and he’s not alone.
  • Xiaoyu:- Ling Xiaoyu is a Chinese Teenager girl. She wants to build her own entertainment park by winning the tournament.
  • Julia Chang:- A daughter of Michelle Chang sets out to rescue her kidnapped mother from Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Hwoarang:- Student of Baek Doo San who wants to exact revenge on Ogre for killing his teacher.
  • Jack:-Gun Jack is a robot fighter and he is Jack series third model.
  • Yoshimitsu:- As the leader of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu is a great swordsman with a mechanical prosthetic limb who is also a ninja.
  • Ogre:- As the God of Fighting, Ogre is a strange and immortal humanoid known as an Ogre. There are many martial artists who have disappeared because of Ogre’s actions. True Ogre is a second form in Tekken 3.
  • Eddy Gordo:- An aspiring capoeira prodigy seeks revenge on Mishima Zaibatsu for killing his parents and wrecking his family’s company and hurting his business.
  • Bryan Fury:- This is a cyborg kickboxer which was sent to kidnap Dr. Bosconovitch by mad scientist Dr. Abel.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch:- Stupid, elderly genius scientist Dr. Bosconovitch who is Yoshimitsu’s friend and Mishima Zaibatsu’s prisoner.
  • Gon:- This is special guest character from manga.


Tekken 3 has imense fighting gameplay that contains many Super and ultimate combos of various characters. Each character has an ultimate attack that is called perchant. Every character in Tekken has approximately 30 combos including hard and mild. All the textures are 3D and battle ground is 2D.

Since its predecessors, Tekken 3 Apk keeps the same fighting system and premise as before. Aside from a few characters’ distinctive sidesteps and evading tactics, three-dimensional movement was largely ignored in prior Tekken games.

As a result, fighters now jump at a more reasonable height than in previous games, making them less overwhelming and requiring more sidestep dodges, as jumping no longer allows them to dodge every ground attack. Many changes have been made to the game, including faster recovery from knockdown, greater escape from tackling and stuns, and new combination throws.

A side-scrolling beat ’em up minigame named “Tekken Force” is introduced in Tekken 3. The Devil Within campaign mode in Tekken 5 is based on the Devil Within minigame in Tekken 4. Minigame Tekken Ball is similar to beach volleyball in that it requires players to either make a forceful attack or let the ball fall into the opponent’s region in order to inflict penalties on their opponents.

Battle Stages in Tekken 3 Apk Download 35 MB For iOS

  1. Martial Arts Dojo
  2. Ogre’s Temple
  3. Grassy Land
  4. Beach Island
  5. Mexican Temple
  6. Hong Kong Street
  7. Forest
  8. Junky Mansion
  9. High School
  10. Punk Alley
  11. Tiger Dojo Tokyo
  12. Carnival
  13. Taekwondo Dojo
  14. Skyring King II
  15. Laboratory Courtyard

Tekken 3 Apk Download 35 MB

Finally the Tekken 3 Apk is available for Android. Players can play Orginal Tekken 3 game on Android without Emulator. But many people want to Download Tekken 3 apk 35 Mb but it little difficult because you can not get Orginal Tekken 3 Apk with all features in 35 MB. So here I am going to give you Apk in 42 MB. You can play this game any Android device because there are very low Android requirements. Experience the Real Tekken 3 Game on Android no internet required. High quality graphics and Orginal Tekken characters with all Combo skills.

Additional Information

NameTekken 3
Size35 MB
GenreFighting Game
Online / OfflineOffline

Tekken 3 Apk Download For PC 35 MB/42 MB (All Characters Unlocked) 2022

How to Download Tekken 3 on PC

An emulator for Windows and Mac computers, BlueStacks is one of the most well-known and extensively used options available today. There are no compatibility issues with Android apps. This approach may be used to download and install the Tekken 3 apk on a Windows 10/8/7 PC.

  • Please download Bluestacks from Google if you haven’t already.
  • The method of installing the software is simple. Once Bluestacks has been successfully installed, you may immediately begin using it.
  • Bluestacks may take a few seconds to load for first-time users. As soon as you launch the app, you should see the Bluestacks Home screen.
  • You’ll be able to access the Google Play Store as soon as you install Bluestacks. Do a double-click on the Playstore icon that appears on your home screen.
  • A simple search on the internet is all it takes to find and install a programme on your computer today. Please install the latest version of tekken 3 android on your pc.
  • Clicking the Install option in Bluestacks will immediately install the latest version of Tekken 3 Apk. The programme is listed in Bluestacks’ installed apps.
  • As far as we’re concerned, and as far as other members of our team are concerned, this software programme is the ideal online solution to your problems.

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